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Product news

Now you must use TLS 1.2 or higher

Helping you to ensure end to end security of your IoT services is our main concern, we do not accept non TLS connection anymore

Product news

New releases 2.10 & 2.11 of Live Objects

Custom pipelines to enrich and transform your payloads, LoRa evolution, new device management events, geolocation by cell-ID

Product news, Tips for developers

Enrich, transform or decode your data before storage

The Data Messages sent to Live Objects can be enriched or transformed before storage by the Custom Pipelines service.

You can create your own pipeline to perform one or several enrichment steps on specific Data Messages.

Tips for developers

Prototype on LTE-M in 30 minutes with Live Objects & Arduino

We provide open-source code samples to help you prototype on LTE-M in 30 minutes with Live Objects and Arduino

Ecosystem & Partners


Innovative player in the smart cities sector: O -CELL, created in 2017, offers to municipalities a service that allows them monitoring energy, fluids, the cold chain, air quality, comfort (temperature, CO2, humidity) as well as the level of stream. The solution offers to elected representatives a synthetic view of the history of energy consumption and […]

Ecosystem & Partners


JRI: at the service of quality and standards’ compliance JRI develops measurement and monitoring solutions for the cold chain and provides metrology services to help with standard’s compliance. The company helps several customers in the Health (Hospitals, blood banks, pharma industries…), Food (McDonald’s, Soedex, Elior…) &Transport / Logistics (Geodis, Eurofins…) sectors in their quality programm. […]

Product news

Access to Live Objects IoT data from your Azure cloud

Do you want to combine the strenghts of Live Objects in IoT device and data management with the power of Azure development and data analytics tools in your IoT project implementation? I have the solution for you !

Ecosystem & Partners


Expert of IoT solutions & designer of wireless LoRa® sensors In a connected world, Adeunis designs, manufactures and markets wireless sensors and solutions for the operational professionals’ performance. Adeunis® is the expert in IoT solutions dedicated to the sectors of smart building, smart industry and smart city. Adeunis supports customers in the digitalization of their […]

Ecosystem & Partners


35 years of experience in M2M and IoT Since its creation in 1981, Ercogener a device conceptor company have been able to adapt to the multiple evolutions in the world of connected objects. Consequently, 1,5 million products delivered to more than 50 countries. That is to say, the needs can begin from a simple communicating […]

Tips for developers

How to connect your devices to Live Objects if you cannot adapt your firmware

You want to use some device with Live Objects, but you cannot adapt their firmware or their protocol is not natively understood by Live Objects? The external connector is made for you. You will be able to collect data and do device management of those devices through a connector.

Ecosystem & Partners

Boost your IoT solutions with Datavenue ready program

If you are a B2B IoT player … Device designer / maker / distributor Systems integrator IoT software editor End-to-end solution provider … join the Datavenue ready program Datavenue ready program is a dedicated, marketing and technical initiative to boost our common IoT ecosystem. As a member, you will benefit from multiple advantages, such as: […]

Product news

New release 2.9

Proud to announce you the birth of “Live Objects sensor” our Android application! Also 3 new widgets available, improvement of campaigns, a better way to secure SSL connections...

Product news

New 2.8 release of Live Objects

Sending your data to a third-party cloud, more detailed command orders, campaign scheduler, monitoring changes of your objects status...

Product news

New release 2.7

Abnormal silent device dectection, autorefresh widgets, activity logs

Product news

New release 2.6 of Live Objects

Two new widgets for your custom dashboards, the new MQTT mode to send data to Live Objects, when to use MQTT with and without TLS for improved security… Discover what’s new!

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