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New releases 2.10 & 2.11 of Live Objects

Custom pipelines to enrich and transform your payloads, LoRa evolution, new device management events, geolocation by cell-ID


For LoRa network see the level of battery of your devices

You can see it in your device details and you get also an update once a week in your payloads in the field network –> batteryLevel

see battery leval

New device management events to route to your applications

You can route new events related to your objects and send them to your applications:

  • Device status event
  • Device creation event NEW!
  • Device deletion event NEW

You can see at a glance the number of silent devices on our dashboards

In the “Device activity” dashboard of your account, you now see the number of objects that triggered a silent device alarm. For that you must first create an alarm, it’s very easy go to the “Alarms” menu.

Enrichment or transformation of your data (custom pipelines)

You have the possibility of using a development outside Live Objects in order to:

  • enrich your IoT data with data from your servers or public information
  • transform your data.

This transformation or enrichment is done before storage in Live Objects and routing to your applications.
To learn more, go and read post and watch the tutorial video!

In 13 mn know how to transform your data before storage


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