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Fast IoT Application development with Kheiron & Live Objects

IoThink Kheiron solution is now integrated with Live Objects.
Kheiron + Live Objects offer a powerful 0-code Application Enablement solution relying on an Orange secured multi-connectivity and device management platform.


The Orange Live Objects Team is happy to partner with IoThink to provide fast IoT Application development . The 0-code IoThink Kheiron Suite is now integrated with Orange Live Objects.

As a result, you will dramaticaly speed-up and ease the development of your IoT Business Applications !

What does the Kheiron Suite offer for fast IoT Application development?

First let’s see what does the IoThink Kheiron suite

Kheiron Studio

As a first step, the Kheiron Studio allows you to design and create the service logic of your Digital Twins :

  • Create your service logics (calculation, storage, alarms…)
  • Build your dashboards or your Mobile App

In order to develop IoT Application fast you can pick Digital Twins from the Kheiron public Library. You can also easily reuse your own Digital Twins for new projects.

Kheiron Service Platform for fast IoT Application development

As soon as you have built your Digital Twin template with the Studio, you can then :

  • Bind IoT devices with your Digital Twins
  • Manage your end-users, grant them access rights
  • Distribute your applications
Kheiron for Fast IoT Application development with Live Objects
Kheiron IoT dashboards examples

What does Orange Live Objects offers

Live Objects is a secured and resilient IoT Saas platform hosted in France. In this context it provides the following set of services:

  • Multi-connectivity
    • Live Objects can seamlessly manage LoRaWAN, SMS, MQTT, HTTP, Coap (beta) over 2/3/4G, LTE-M, WiFi.
    • it can integrate any 3rd party GW or Cloud through its API for external connector
  • Enhanced collect
    • Multi-interface decoder
    • Event triggering & routing
    • Metadata enrichments
    • External enricher: 3rd party servers, Cell-Id/WiFi geolocation
  • Edge extensions for industrial use cases
  • IoT Fleet management
    • Advanced inventory
    • Command/config/FOTA, Campaign management
    • Silent/Suspect device detection
    • Android App for field technicians
    • Bootstrap (end 2020)
  • Data storage and indexing
Live Objects with Kheiron
Live Objects multi-connectivity dashboard

How does it works with Orange Live Objects?

The Kheiron Service Platform will set an endpoint with Live Objects. This endpoint will allow you to

  • feed your Digital Twins with the Live Objects IoT business data – today in push http
  • send IoT commands to Live Objects

…And all of this without writing any line of code!!!

In conclusion, the integration of Kheiron with Live Objects allows you to quickly develop and deploy full end-to-end secured and scalable IoT Business Applications.

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