First use of Live Objects with LoRa®

This is your first time on Live Objects to use the Orange LoRa® network ?

LwM2M to simplify IoT integration and lower costs

Not just another IoT protocol! You have already heard about CoAP, MQTT, TCP, UDP... Why a new protocol? In fact, the current ones are not all at the expected level.

Create and share your own dashboards

As you already know you can create several personalized dashboards. You select widgets to display your IoT data (or meta data) or to display your fleet organization and its distribution. Now you can build a dashboard for your company and share them to other people in your organization.

Product Evolution: LoRa Downlink V1 API retirement last announcement

The Version V1 of the API LoRa Downlink has been deprecated since 30/06/2019 and is replaced by the API Device Management - Commands.
The API LoRa Downlink version V1 will be removed on 31/07/2022.

Product Evolution: Device Management LoRa V0 API retirement last announcement

Live Objects evolves frequently. Some legacy APIs have been replaced by new ones in 2018 and won't be supported anymore. Today we kindly remind you that the V0 of the Device Management LoRa will soon be retired.

Product Evolution: Triggers and Action V0 API retirement last announcement

The Version V0 of the API Triggers and Action has been been marked as deprecated since 30/06/2019 and replaced by a new version (version V1).
This API Triggers and Action version V0 will be removed on 31/07/2022.

Everything you always wanted to know about Live Objects (but were afraid to ask)

Because we love you, we give you our complete training guide to download.

Product Evolution: Device Management V0 APIs retirement last announcement

Live Objects evolves frequently. Some legacy APIs have been replaced by new ones in 2020 and won't be supported anymore. Today we kindly remind you that the V0 of the following APIs Device Management are will soon be retired.

How to use Node-RED option to connect your data flows to Live Objects

As you might know, Live Objects propose a node-RED option that enables you to access to a Node-RED tenant in a SaaS mode. This service allows you to build codeless data treatments, without caring of instantiating, hosting, neither fully monitoring it.

Device management at 360°

Discover how to use command, configuration changes, Firmware updates, campaign manager in order to manage your IoT fleet at distance. You can manage SMS, MQTT and LoRaWAN devices using Live Objects. Watch the video on Youtube and hands on ! Resources available on Github. Go directly on the part you are interested in : 0:22 […]

Get started quickly with LoRa®

Learn how to connect a LoRaWAN device, decoding its data and display it in Live Objects

Receive an email when your LoRa extension gateway is off

You can put in place your own LoRa gateways to improve your local network coverage and manage it with your Live Objects portal.
Now as this equipment becomes crucial for your devices to communicate you want to be notified in real time if this gateway goes Offline.

Common issues 5/5: Understand indexing issues

Before being stored, data collected by Live Objects are indexed. It is a key feature because it is what allow to search data, make aggregations and statistics. See how to solve indexation issues.

Common issues 4/5: choose the location method for LoRa devices

How to the use the location computed by my device instead of those computed by the LoRa network ?

Common issues 3/5: how to connect my Microsoft Azure Cloud to Live Objects

You want to link Azure with Live Objects, it is easy, see how

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