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Product Evolution: Device Management V0 APIs retirement last announcement

Live Objects evolves frequently. Some legacy APIs have been replaced by new ones in 2020 and won't be supported anymore. Today we kindly remind you that the V0 of the following APIs Device Management are will soon be retired.

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Deprecated for 1 year, stopped in 1 month

Function Replacement Deprecated End Of Life
API Device Management
V0 Commands
Device Management V1 Commands 2020-12 2022-01-13
API Device Management
V0 Inventory
Device Management V1 Inventory 2020-12 2022-01-13
API Device Management
V0 Parameter
Device Management V1 Configuration 2020-12 2022-01-13
API Device Management
Resources V0
Device Management V1 Resources 2020-12 2022-01-13

Device Management API V0 stopped…

These APIs Device Management V0 have been deprecated since December 2020 and will be retired in a month, meaning they will become completely unresponsive from 2022-01-13.

…you must use V1 version

These API are replaced with APIs Device Management V1, as explained on the table above and which have been available since 2020. If you are using these versions of API, we strongly advise you move on to the latest version (v1) at the soonest, so as to benefit from their features and not break your integration once End Of Life stage is reached.

To understand each other: Deprecated features

Deprecated features: the feature is still available on Live Objects product but marked as deprecated in our HTTP API documentation (swagger). If you start using the product, we strongly recommend to use the last available features.

then: End of life

End Of Life: the API endpoint will be unresponsive. If you use it, you should have moved to a new API replacing the legacy one.

For more information on endpoints concerned and the new replacement API, we kindly forward you to the following documentation

Swagger: https://liveobjects.orange-business.com/#/cms/documentation-swagger/

Developer guide: https://liveobjects.orange-business.com/doc/html/lo_manual_v2.html

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