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Everything you always wanted to know about Live Objects (but were afraid to ask)

Because we love you, we give you our complete training guide to download.


Ok it is big BUT pretty well explained by our coach and senior IoT architect Olivier Matheret.

You will find :

  • discover, deepen your knowledge of the different networks to connect your objects
  • know the functions of Live Objects and the associated architecture,
  • understand the API architecture before going into specific documentation for developers.
  • use a simulator on an Android or IOS mobile, to build or get the device you will use later
  • provision a device on the user portal
  • understand how device management works for your objects fleet
  • discover how to manage several customers if you are an integrator for example.

Enjoy !

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  1. I wanted to “discover how to manage several customers if you are an integrator for example.”
    I looked for the word “several” but I found nothing about managing several customers.
    Do you have a chapter to suggest?

  2. Hello , this is the Multi-fleet / multi Vendor management part from slide 78. You do not have it by default on an account. You can have it by asking the option.

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