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LwM2M to simplify IoT integration and lower costs

Not just another IoT protocol! You have already heard about CoAP, MQTT, TCP, UDP... Why a new protocol? In fact, the current ones are not all at the expected level.


What is LwM2M?

LwM2M is a standard specified at the OMA. It defines 2 set of items:

  • A full device management protocol designed for sensors
  • A standardized telemetry data model

LwM2M works on any IP cellular networks (and not cellular), it is particularly adapted to NB-IoT and also ready for NIDD (no IP).

Live Objects has built a LwM2M interface on the top of CoAP and DTLS to answer a growing ecosystem adoption.

Why LwM2M?

LwM2M dramatically eases and reduces the costs of cellular IoT services at 3 steps of their lifecycle.

Reduce costs to build an IoT solution

LwM2M enables the use of ‘off the shelf’ cellular devices: no need of firmware developments, it is plug’n play!

You only need to check the version(s) of LwM2M followed both by device and platform.
You do not need to develop or adapt a firmware to a specific cloud provider (Azure, AWS, GCP).

LwM2M devices are naturally compliant with Live Objects and Live Objects allows you to setup a monitored connector towards your provider.

With LwM2M and Live Objects you can:

  • add new device references with no extra development.
  • change (or add a new) the cloud on which you manage your data & devices only changing the configuration on Live Objects.
  • change LwM2M server with no development on firmware.

You are free to choose and change your devices and your cloud providers with no effort!

Reduce the device deployment costs

LwM2M bootstrap enables “0 touch provisioning“. The devices are configured at the factory with a “one time” bootstrap configuration.

At first connection, the device gets its definitive configuration

  • customer’s configuration.
  • configuration of the security

The device receives its PSK key created by Live Objects.

Nobody sees your secrets: The factory never see them, neither your field technicians nor your fleet administrator!

Reduce the run costs

As LwM2M fully standardizes the device management operations (command, config & firmware updates), you don’t have to adapt your IT to your devices, it is standard!

The devices declare what operation they can support, and Live Objects allows you to make unitary or mass operations on your fleet.

Finally, LwM2M offers advanced features which allow your devices to optimize their exchanges

  • The SenML allows you to send historized data in a single payload
  • The Observe allows you to trigger a message on a condition.
    • For example, you can ask to receive a value only when the temperature of a fridge is more than 9°C

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