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Combine the strength of Kerlink Lora private network with the richness of Live Objects

You chose Kerlink to deploy your LoRa private network and you need to integrate it with your Live Objects tenant, here is the solution for you!


You can decide to deploy a Lora private network to connect some or all your IoT devices for many reasons, bellow some of them:

  • unavailability of a public/managed Lora network
  • the will to remain the owner of its infrastructure
  • the will to keep control of the security of its critical data  

In addition to that, your Live Objects platform provides you all what you need to, first of all, centralize all your IoT devices management, whatever their connectivity (Private Kerlink Lora Network, public Orange Lora Network, Cellular…), then, manage and process you IoT data, and finally transmit those data to your business application.

So, to help you to integrate your Kerlink Lora private network with your Live Objects environment, we provide you a free and open sources connector that enables:

  • the synchronization (creation, update and delete) of your IoT devices fleet from your Kerlink network server into your Live Objects tenant,
  • the sending of your IoT devices data (uplink) from your Kerlink network server to your Live Objects tenant,
  • the sending of your commands (downlink) from your Live Objects tenant to your Kerlink Network Server.

Finally, in case you want to deploy a Kerlink gateway embedding its own Lora Network server (such as the Wirnet iStation https://www.kerlink.com/product/wirnet-istation/ ), this connector offers you the possibility to connect many gateways of this kind (so many kerlink Lora network servers) to a single Live Objects tenant.   

So, don’t wait to download your kerlink connector here: https://github.com/DatavenueLiveObjects/Kerlink-NS-WMC-connector-for-Private-lora-network-

Otherwise, if you want us to instantiate and monitor the connector for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at: liveobjects.vendor@orange.com

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