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Sensing Labs


Smart wireless sensor design & data collection specialist

Sensing Labs, a company based in Montpellier, provides wireless LoRaWAN sensor solutions for B2B markets that are driven by energy saving and cost needs. They mainly target 2 markets:

               • Smart Metering (gas, water, electricity)
               • Smart Building (Energy efficiency in the building)
Sensing Labs sensors combine hardware and firmware. They are quick and easy to integrate into a final end-to-end solution. Their value proposition is to provide content rich data that was not previously available by simplifying data acquisition and by proposing a datalogging mode that gives the user a choice, either a large amount of data, or a large autonomy, or a mix of both.

They operate exclusively in B2B with a wide choice of IoT Platform partners, using innovative long-range radio technology, and provide an unrivaled product lifespan (up to 20 years).

How can Sensing Labs helps B2B clients ?

SENLAB ™ sensors use innovative LoRaWAN technology to provide very long range connectivity (up to 15kms l.o.s.) and high interference immunity, while minimizing power consumption (lifetime duration of battery, up to 20 years with a communication every 10 minutes). SENLAB sensors are compatible with public and local LoRaWAN network architectures. Our entire range is available within 48 hours through our distribution network throughout Europe including Russia, South Africa, the Middle East, etc… Many types of sensors for indoor use or IP68 are offered such as:

  • Senlab T : Ambiant temperature and Remote probe temperature
  • Senlab M : water, gas and electricity meters
  • Senlab H : temperature & humidity
  • Senlab O : presence detection, indoor luminosity, humidity and temperature
  • Senlab A : Radio transmitter for 4-20MA sensor
  • Senlab P : Passage detection
  • Senlab D : Digital i/o, leakage detection, openings detection
  • SL gateways for local networks
  •  SL Tools :  Local network coverage tester and commissioning of devices

The results and gains obtained:

  • High schools in Occitania and middle schools in Hérault are equipped with our sensors to control their water consumption and detect water leaks
  • Fire start detection in an electrical cabinet
  • EHPAD equipment for monitoring the internal temperature of the rooms and detecting abnormal power consumption
  • Get in real time the traffic information of the area to be cleaned and adopt schedules of the cleaning staff accordingly like toilets in airport
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR) of water meters
  • Control the building energy consumption and reduce the energy bill by identifying abnormal consumptions and BEMS incorrect adjustments
  • Trace the activity (rooms and desks occupancy rate, passage…) inside your building and reorganize it towards real usages
  • Control the indoor environmental quality (T°, humidity, light,…) and improve the confort at work
  • Control the exterior surface temperature of the hot water pipes, be alerted in case of too low temperature risk and prevent legionella outbreak
  • Check the temperature of refrigerators and be alerted as soon as a risk of cold chain interruption occures
Capteur Senlab LoRaWAN - Suivi de la température extérieure-TEM-LAB-13NS

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