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Boosting Your IoT Project with LwM2M Bootstrap: The Secret Sauce to Effortless IoT Deployment

LwM2M is a standard protocol from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). Bootstrap allows to (re-)initialize remotely connection settings and secrets of a connected device to an IoT platform, avoiding manual configuration costs and allowing (frequent) secrets renewal

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Ease your diagnostics with information from your Orange SIM cards

If you use Orange M2M cards in your cellular objects, you can aggregate and visualize the connectivity information directly in Live Objects.
Of course you don't need to use Orange M2M cards to use Live Objects, but then you won't have this feature ;-)

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Everything you always wanted to know about Live Objects (but were afraid to ask)

Because we love you, we give you our complete training guide to download.

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Execute IoT commands or operations from your smartphone

Need to deploy IoT devices on field? Need to easily manager your IoT fleet using your smartphone? Need to execute commands or operations to your devices?

Product news

Device management with LwM2M live!

You want to use IoT cellular devices for your projects? It is not so easy, several network technologies, several protocols, several IoT or cloud platforms... What a mess! How new LwM2M protocol would help?

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Cloud Connector Service: a seamless integration with your Cloud provider

Need to route and translate your IoT Business Data towards your Cloud provider? Live Objects Cloud Connectors allows you to easily translate your IoT Business Data towards your Cloud provider (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Flexible Engine)

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Migrez vos objets LoRa d’Objenious vers Orange

Suite à l'arrêt du réseau LoRa national d'Objenious, vous souhaitez migrer vos objets LoRa vers le réseau national d'Orange. Dans beaucoup de cas, vous pouvez faire une migration dite "naturelle" en quelques étapes

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First use of Live Objects with LoRa®

This is your first time on Live Objects to use the Orange LoRa® network ?

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Node-RED in SaaS mode : a new Live Objects option

One of the main difficulties that IoT integrators are facing today is how to quickly build IoT solutions which implement their Customer service logic needs and/or adapt specific devices behaviours..

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LwM2M to simplify IoT integration and lower costs

Not just another IoT protocol! You have already heard about CoAP, MQTT, TCP, UDP... Why a new protocol? In fact, the current ones are not all at the expected level.

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Create and share your own dashboards

As you already know you can create several personalized dashboards. You select widgets to display your IoT data (or meta data) or to display your fleet organization and its distribution. Now you can build a dashboard for your company and share them to other people in your organization.

Product news

What if you can search for your devices in a map on Live Objects sensor!

Need to deploy IoT devices on field? Need to easily manager your IoT fleet using your smartphone?

Tips for developers

Product Evolution: LoRa Downlink V1 API retirement last announcement

The Version V1 of the API LoRa Downlink has been deprecated since 30/06/2019 and is replaced by the API Device Management - Commands.
The API LoRa Downlink version V1 will be removed on 31/07/2022.

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Product Evolution: Device Management LoRa V0 API retirement last announcement

Live Objects evolves frequently. Some legacy APIs have been replaced by new ones in 2018 and won't be supported anymore. Today we kindly remind you that the V0 of the Device Management LoRa will soon be retired.

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Product Evolution: Triggers and Action V0 API retirement last announcement

The Version V0 of the API Triggers and Action has been been marked as deprecated since 30/06/2019 and replaced by a new version (version V1).
This API Triggers and Action version V0 will be removed on 31/07/2022.

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