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September 2021 release of Live Objects

Configure a static location of your devices and follow status and alarms of your device on a map. Be warned of new error logs. Use a new MQTT endpoint to send data to Live Objects for long term security


Monitor your fleet in a glance

Follow device status on a map

For all connectivities (LoRa, SMS, MQTT, external connector) you can follow the status of your devices on a map

status legend

If you have set silent device alarms in “Alarms” menu, you can follow them on a map.

Set static location of your devices

You can set a location for your device (longitude, latitude) using API, mobile application and now mass import by file filling the “latitude”, “longitude” and altitude columns.

Be warned of issues

Error log widget in activity dashboard

If everything is ok, you will see no changes.

But if a log error occurs, Live Objects pushes the number of issues of the last days (about LoRa connectivity, push HTTP, storage issues…). You cannot miss it, it is in red 😉

Get then in error log console in one click on the chart.

Check the level of security of MQTT connections

In MQTT device monitoring, check in a glance if your connection is secured or not.

Tech news

New MQTT endpoint

For MQTT devices: use our new MQTT endpoint to benefit from longer term TLS server root CA certificate:


  • the previous endpoint will stay as is with no change. We do not plan to close it.
  • external connector and application modes must still use former endpoint only (liveobjects.orange-business.com)

Upgrade of Kibana

If you have the option of course, that means you benefit now of the last version of Kibana (v7).

Also for techs, we love you

See our new page giving you development boards we have test with Live Objects. Also download our SDK or libraries to develop faster.

Ready? go to https://liveobjects.orange-business.com/#/hardware

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