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Device management with LwM2M live!

You want to use IoT cellular devices for your projects? It is not so easy, several network technologies, several protocols, several IoT or cloud platforms... What a mess! How new LwM2M protocol would help?


You should study LwM2M for your IoT project

to ease integration of new devices

No development or firmware adaptation to do. You can use any LwM2M device to enrich your service.

to build a device firmware for all cloud providers

A device is LwM2M, so it works on any LwM2M platform. One firmware fits all, then Live Objects will route your data to your cloud provider or web servers.

to monitor and pilot your fleet at distance

Firmware updates and commands are standardized.

You do not believe me ? 🙁

Read why Adeunis, the French Device maker, integrates LwM2M in its cellular product line, here is what they think about it (article in French).

Use LwM2M on Live Objects

Easy: configure your device or simulator to


In Live Objects, enter

  • the endpoint of the device
  • the PSK name and value

that’s all!

See in detail in our video tutorial on Youtube with a Nordic Thingy:91 board.

Available features

  • ​Provisioning & Registration
  • Device twin​
    • Read, Write, Exec operations
    • Composite-R/W operations
    • FOTA (in band and out of band)
  • DATA​
    • Observe, Composite Observe, Send
    • Write-Attribute operation
  • Data types: unsigned Integer (supported in all formats)​
  • Data formats: Plain-text, Opaque, TLV, JSON, CBOR, SenML-JSON, SenML-CBOR​
  • Custom objects (use that API to add your custom object definition)
    • CoAP/UDP with TLS-PSK with TLS PSK only.
    • “No secure mode” is possible with dedicated APN, please consult us.
    • Queue mode

Coming features

  • Bootstrap
  • DATA​
    • Data format: timestamped SenML
  • DTLS session resumption
  • Twin data rules: advance data aggregation​

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