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Device management at 360°


Discover how to use command, configuration changes, Firmware updates, campaign manager in order to manage your IoT fleet at distance.

You can manage SMS, MQTT and LoRaWAN devices using Live Objects.

Watch the video on Youtube and hands on !

Resources available on Github.

Go directly on the part you are interested in :

  • 0:22 : Remote actions, core principles
  • 4:42 : tools
  • 5:09 : hands on : MQTT devices
  • 8:36 : hands on MQTT devices: Errors & retries
  • 13:50 : hands on MQTT devices : campaigns
  • 19:39 : hands on MQTT devices: dynamics campaigns
  • 23:35 : hands on : SMS devices
  • 25:14 : hands on : LoRa devices
  • 29:31 : hands on : External connector
  • 33:08 : Events generated by campaigns

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