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New release 2.7

Abnormal silent device dectection, autorefresh widgets, activity logs


Inactive device detection (silent machine alarms)

Live Objects warns you if a device is abnormally inactive. You can configure several alarms according to your needs : choose the devices or a group of devices the delay of inactivity the kind of notification (display in alarm list, notification by email, SMS or sent to a FIFO or to a web server. the alarm repetition To configure a Silent machine alarm, go to the new “Alarms” menu.

Evolutions of customized dashboards

2 evolutions in this release

1) Now you can configure the automatic refresh of your dashboards

2) You can configure a threshold on each widget to monitor not-to-exceed values

Activity log : get complete logs in MQTT

Without any action from your part, you can list MQTT errors in Activity logs menu. 

Now you can also set a API Key to display all MQTT logs in Activity logs. Go in “Configuration” / “Api keys”, select the key and click on “Activate debug mode”.

and more…

– Device menu :

  • it is now possible to have spaces in tags both using API and the web portal.
  • new “External” filter in order to separate devices between MQTT device and MQTT connector modes

– Data menu / routing rules :

  • retention of data in FIFO is limited to 7 days. Please note that data are still kept 1 year in Live Objects databases.
  • HTTP push : list of authorized ports 80, 443, 8080, 8443, 9243

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