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New release of Live Objects 2.17

Get the quality of the LoRa network to better monitor you devices, Sigfox® open source connector available


History of device connectivity indicators

When editing an object, in its supervision part, at the bottom, you will find the history of the quality indicators of our LoRa network.

Select the time period (last 24 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks or 12 months) and find:
• average number of LoRa antennas receiving your messages
• signal quality level (using RSSI and SNR)
• level of SNR, RSSI, SF and ESP

Connect your Sigfox® devices on Live Objects

In the same way that we provide you with a connector to manage with Live Objects data objects of a private Kerlink® network (and to collect the data from them).

You can now use our open source connector to collect data from your Sigfox® devices, data that you will find in the same way as your LoRa data.

To use it, contact us to activate the “external connector” mode on your account which is not activated by default.

To find all our open-source connectors: https://liveobjects.orange-business.com/#/cms/ressources-connectors

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