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How to connect your devices to Live Objects if you cannot adapt your firmware

You want to use some device with Live Objects, but you cannot adapt their firmware or their protocol is not natively understood by Live Objects? The external connector is made for you. You will be able to collect data and do device management of those devices through a connector.


Live Objects allows you to use MQTT, SMS, LoRa protocols.

It is not always possible to use those protocols or to modify the device firmware to adapt it to Live Objects.

Sometimes it is because it is not powerful enough to support MQTT stack.


You can develop an “external connector” which will make the link between your devices and Live Objects.

Today “external connector” can

  • collect your data
  • send commands to your devices

FOTA (firmware updates) and configuration changes are planned in H2 2020.

NEW ! code sample

to help you to go faster (and easier) you can donwload that SDK to use external connector mode: https://github.com/DatavenueLiveObjects/external-connector-SDK-LiveObjects-

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