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New release 2.5 of Live Objects

Follow your log console and manage your own sub tenants
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Follow your error logs

Go in “Data” tab and click on “Activity logs” menu in left column.

You will be able to see error logs to understand the problems of your objects and of the transmission of your data.

These logs help you to debug faster your services and applications.

You will see:

  • LoRa network : Join request & join accept
  • MQTT: MQTT errors and also connect and disconnect logs if you active the DEBUG mode on the used API Key.
  • HTTP Push: error logs.
  • Storage: messages indexing errors for example.

Multi-vendor option:
use our APIs to manage your subaccounts

If you have the multi-vendor option to manage your Live Objects sub-accounts yourself, you can manage your sub-accounts with our APIs. For this, use our API “Vendor”:


A dedicated mode to retrieve your data with MQTT

For added security, you now have a MQTT mode dedicated to retrieve your data.
To use it, you must configure your connection with:
identifier: “application”
password: an API key with the right BUS_R

In this mode you must subscribe directly to a FIFO to consume your data.

(only if your are logged to your vendor) You can see vendor API swagger.

and more

  • modification of the “Data” page search bar to have the same behavior as on the “Devices” page
  • simplification the use of some APIs, you are not obliged to specify the account identifier any more

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