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New release of Live Objects 2.15

New widgets to manage your fleet, an equivalent functional level whatever the connectivity, detect missing LoRa frames, better LoRa monitoring ...


Cellular connectivity, need a location without GPS?

If your device sends information about the cell-IDs it uses, then Live Objects can enrich your messages with the geographic coordinates (and precision) of your devices. Resolution is provided by Live Objects.

To see how to do it in detail, watch this video tutorial

New widgets to manage your fleet

4 new widgets to enrich your personalized dashboards:

  • fleet inventory on a group
  • distribution of your objects by tags or on a property
  • distribution of LoRa objects by connectivity status (on a group)
  • distribution of LoRa objects by “device profile” (on a group)

These widgets will be available to everyone by default within a few weeks. If you wish to have them now, please contact us to have them in advance.

Device management

A maximum lifetime is mandatory when sending a command, so as not to block the command queues with obsolete messages.
Do you send orders via API? Don’t worry, there will be no break in your service, however by default your orders will have a lifespan of 7 days (you can modify it if this is not enough).

For you LoRa objects, you also have in the “Monitoring” tab a histogram with the history of upward messages for this object:

Data management : route connection information of your devices and of your network extension antennas

You can send both LoRa network events (Un/confirmed data up, Un/confirmed data down, Join request, Join accept) to your applications and servers and the changes of the state of your network extension antennas (online / offline).

It is in the “Data” menu, “Routing” tab.

Detect lost LoRa frames

Your LoRa messages are now enriched with the “missingFcnt” field giving you the number of frames lost since the last frame received by Live Objects. You will find it in the metadata related to the LoRa network.

Connectors to Google Cloud Platform and Flexible Engine DIS

These 2 new opensource connectors are available on GitHub and referenced on this page:

https://liveobjects.orange-business.com/#/cms/ressources-connectors/ They are licensed under MIT. You can change them and do whatever you want with them.

They are licensed under MIT. You can change them and do whatever you want with them.

Live Objects Sensor

Release of V4. As a reminder, our Android application is available on Google Play. To discover :

  • Finding devices with multiple filters
  • Device battery information (with LoRa)
  • OCR and QRcode to update device properties
  • Theoretical coverage map available for France & Spain
  • User account information

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