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35 years of experience in M2M and IoT

Since its creation in 1981, Ercogener a device conceptor company have been able to adapt to the multiple evolutions in the world of connected objects. Consequently, 1,5 million products delivered to more than 50 countries.

That is to say, the needs can begin from a simple communicating modem to a tailor-made device. So, the service offering has grown over the years by integrating permanent developments in technologies and networks.

In other words, Ercogener can offer solutions based on the following communicating systems:

            • short ranges (Bluetooth, WiFi, 802.15.4, RFID …)
            • long ranges (2G / 3G / 4G, Sigfox, LoRa, LTE-M1, NB-IoT …)
            • wired (Ethernet, CAN, RS …)

As a result, this expertise of multiple communication networks allows Ercogener to develop the best product for each customer application.
It designs and manufactures its products in France.

The company is now an integral part of Groupe ZeKat, composed of high-tech companies in electronics and communications sector.

A complete modular offer

The experience and expertise brings its custom-made solution to answer use-cases like:
                 – Geolocation
                 – Supervision
                 – Telemetry.

Thanks to the tools developed, Ercogener allows its customers to:

  • First, Configure the products themselves using the on-board applications EaseLoc, EasePro, EaseIP and EaseEG-IoT.
  • Second, develop their own embedded application. Thanks the use of functional software libraries from the Middleware EGLM or the new operating system of the IoT EGOS.
  • Third, add and use embedded intelligence within the devices: all Ercogener products integrates local data processing and calculation possibilities to lessen the data transferred to the network limitations. But also to reduce subscription costs.
  • Also, secure data transfer from the device to the final application by integrating encryption capacities for example.
  • Finally, act remotely by supervising the equipment, automating local actions and informing the supervisor, alerting when thresholds are exceeded. Not to forget the controll and command of the actuators.

Store data and restore them through standardized format whatever the source and network used: ensure high Quality of Service, homogenized the transferred data, protect the data, sort / filter data, …

The results and gains obtained:

Consequently, Ercogener works along its customers to optimize their costs, build new Business Models, deploy remote intervention, secured their installation, improve traceability, …

In more details, the solutions developed with theirs partner has allowed to:

  • Achieve up to 30% savings on the fuel bills for a lot of road haulers.
  • Diminish construction equipment theft by 25% by detecting not allowed movements and by tracing the trip.
  • Reduce ineffective travels based on false maintenance alerts by 14% for a customer who is monitoring boiler rooms.
  • Decrease by 13% the quantity of phytosanitary products pulverized during culture treatment in France through radio guidance optimized to a centimeter accuracy.
  • Optimize fleet management for service works and achieve a reduction of distance travelled by 11%.
  • Alert French population in case of floods detection through data transferred to www.vigicrues.org.
  • Send an alert when the temperature reaches a threshold for cold chain monitoring in food refrigeration.

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