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A new version of Live Objects sensor : the Android application for your IoT field technicians

Do you want to check network coverage on field with one of your targeted devices? Do you want to make your technicians more autonomous in the validation of their field installation? Do you want to assign a static location to your devices?
Good news ! All this is now possible with the birth of "Live Objects sensor"


“Live Objects sensor”, what is it?

Live Objects sensor is the Android mobile application of Live Objects dedicated for IoT field technician and others LiveObjects’ users. It assists you throughout your device installation process by providing, in a simple and user-friendly way, all the information required to the validation of your field interventions.

Live Objects sensor enables you to manage devices on any connectivity: LoRaWAN, SMS, cellular 2G-5G via MQTT, proprietary behind external connectors.

So, during your field intervention, Live Objects sensor allows you to search for the device to install through different ways :

  • by using multiple filters as ID, Name, Group name, Interface status, Connectivity, or Silent machine alarm
  • by using a QRcode/BarCode with the device ID at the end of the data chain value.
    • Example : xx;yy;ww;urn:lo:nsid:android:86744004369xxxx

When you find the right one, you can then access to the different information about your device with the possibility to edit them:

  • Device information (status, interface, location)
  • Alarms with Silent machine feature
  • Network signal (only for LoRaWan connectivity)
  • Uplink messages

This allows you to validate the good communication between your recently installed device and your Live Objects platform, and therefore to validate the installation of this device in an autonomous way.

Finally, in order to prepare your future maintenance interventions and before leaving the place of installation of your new device, Live Objects sensor allows you to assign a static outdoor location to your device thanks to the GPS coordinates of your mobile. In addition, Live Objects sensor allows you to store indoor information of the installation location (building, floor, room). Using these information, Live Objects sensor makes you able to locate your device on a map in order to find it more easily during your (or those of your colleges) future field interventions on this same device.

So, how can I download Live Objects sensor?

Android application for your IoT field technicians can be downloaded via Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orange.labs.liveobjectssensor

And what if I have specific needs for my business use case?

Good news! An Open sources version of Live Objects sensor is now available, you can download it here !

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