Use Case : Cleaning, planning optimization

Did you know that a little connected interactive object called "Live Button" can otpimize your cleaning planning ?

Smart City Watering & Service improvement

Do you know that thanks to IoT and more especially to the connected metering you can optimize water consumption collect but also prevent some possible water leak ?

Optimization public lighting and waste management

Waste management and energy transition are key subjects for cities and communities. Service improvement and the budget optimization on these points, remain possible thanks to this company’s offer.
Discover the Orange solution for this client serving Smart Cities.

Plants growth management

High or low variations of temperatures as well as humidity might be harmful for the plants and trees growth and can impact negatively the production process. To avoid this, smart operation sensors combined with Live Objects can be the solution to optimize a good life cycle of the plantations.

How to protect your employees easily

Some professional relationship might be delicate to your employees safety ... Have you heard about Live button the connected interactive object that help to optimize the security of your employees ?

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